Vladimir Cech Jr.

I'm not a "graduate" photographer, I have no experience with photo schools or courses. It´s seven years back when I borrowed my dad´s camera and start shooting via technique called "trial and error". In 2013 I had the enormous luck to visit India and fulfill until then relatively utopian dream - observe and try to photograph wild creature whose charisma and natural beauty can´t be described by simple words, The Tiger! Since then, I try to come back every year. Not only that I want – I just have to! I love nature and animals as a whole but I am obsessed with top predators. The mainspring and big passion for me are definitely felines. I believe my greatest success so far is creation extensive portfolio of big cats pictures for which I am known, published and awarded in my home country, Czech Republic. I think I´m not typical wildlife photographer who shoots everything in every opportunity. I need some personal motivation and connection with photographed object for longer time in my photography so I am rather try to work in long-term "projects" and publish more photo-journal work then simple photography. Last year I started an ambitious project based on "dslr" camera trapping and got great results with Eurasian lynx in Czech Republic forests and few months ago I was successful in Mongolian mountains, where I managed to get a picture of the ghost itself - snow leopard! On these projects I am use to closely cooperate with local NGOs and various conservation organizations.





Czech Press Photo final exhibition - 2016,2017,2018

Czech Press Photo 2016 - people choice nomination

International Photographer Of The Year 2017 - Honorable mention

Remembering Wildlife 2017 - 2 pictures in the book Remembering Rhinos

Eye On The Tiger 2018 - 2 pictures at the exhibition in Royal Albert Hall in London

Art Expo Rome 2018 - picture at the art-exhibition in Rome

Czech Nature Photo 2018 - 1x nomination

Czech Nature Photo 2018 - Special price award

Neutral Density Awards 2018 - Honorable mention

Wildlife Photo 2018 - Overall WINNER (Wildlife Portraits winner)

Czech Nature Photo 2019 - 1x nomination

Czech Nature Photo 2019 - Special price award

Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 - Bronz

BioPhotoContest 2019 - Finalist / Highly commended

Asferico 2019 - Honorable mention

FEP Photographer of the Year 2019 - 2x Merit

Nature´s Best Photography Asia 2019 - WILDLIFE WINNER

SIPA 2019 (Siena International Photo Awards) - Honorable mention

MAGICAL NATURE –The Nature Photography of the Year 2019 - Category WINNER ("Man and Nature")

Neutral Density Awards 2020 - 2x Honorable mention

World Nature Photography Awards - Silver medal in category "Animals in the nature"


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Vladimír Čech Jr. (Facebook)




Articles and photos were published in local and foreign magazines like Priroda Wildlife, Travelfocus, Travel Digest, Lide a Zeme, 100+1, Koktejl, Anima Mundi, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Plaisirs de la Chasse and others.






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