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Photocech|CZ  is family connections father and son (Vladimír Čech and Vladimir Čech Jr.), Or when the father´s travel enthusiasm and over 20 years of experience combined with son´s photographic obsession.



...Vladimir Cech

As I have indicated above, the actual routes were originally associated with intractable traveler's spirit, desire for knowledge, and above all his father's passion and love for animals. Africa was the obvious choice back then and to this day it's my dad's "love affair". Since 1994 he traveled to Namibia (2x), Botswana (2x), Zimbabwe (2), Zambia and South Africa (3), Uganda (5x), Rwanda (2x), Tanzania (2x) and 1x Kenya, Ethiopia, Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Madagascar and Mauritius. Outside the black continent also visited Thailand, Indonesia, Alaska, USA, Canada, Peru, Kamchatka, Nepal and of course INDIA!




... Vladimir Cech Jr.

2013 I had the immense good fortune to travel to India with the camera and fulfill until then rather utopian dream - to observe and photograph wild creature whose charisma and natural beauty are neither simple words. Since then, I try hard to return for Tigers every year. Not that I just wanted - I just have to!

I believe that I am not alone in this obsession. If anyone interested in joining us, you can only go through our range of original programs / photo-expeditions and contact us! Do not hesitate to contact us with any question or idea, description of the expeditions is strictly informational character, and I believe that not everything I explained as I imagined ... nobody would not read such a long text . :)



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Our articles and photos are published in local and foreign magazines like Priroda Wildlife, Travelfocus, 100+1, Koktejl, Anima Mundi, Plaisirs de la Chasse and others.





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